Is your child starting secondary school in September?

Will they be travelling alone for the first time?

Have they been bullied before?

Would you like them to feel confident?

Teens 4 Week Summer Course


Thurday's at the White Oak Leisure Centre,

Swanley - 6pm - 7.30pm

It’s a proud moment for any parent, your child has finished primary school and is heading off into the bigger world of secondary school. They are finally starting to head off into the big world for themselves more than ever than before. This proud moment also brings fear, fear that we can’t be around for them all the time. Fear that on the way to or from school something may happen and we can’t help.


The transition to a new school is also a traumatic time for the children themselves, they are used to their old school a safe and known environment, being the big kids on the playground. The fear of the unknown and the realisation that they will be dealing with much older and bigger children can really affect your child's confidence. Of course this also applies to any child who is changing to a new school.


Countless parents send their kids to sports clubs or after school clubs so their kids can build confidence, improve fitness and have fun. Krav Maga can offer your child one more vital ingredient – Self Defence


Over the summer why not enrol your child in a specially designed 4 week course to ease these fears. We teach the children to be more confident through realistic self defence techniques, they get fitter and safer. We don’t just teach kicking and punching, we teach children to be polite, disciplined and focused. These days, with violence on the rise and bullying becoming more and more common, both the educational system and parents face difficulties in handling threats directed at children. It is essential that young people acquire skills, abilities, techniques and the tactics to cope with any unexpected confrontation inflicted upon them.


The Krav Maga system is taught in an environment that is fun to learn in; but at the same time stresses the seriousness of the training. If you are concerned about your children’s safety, Krav Maga training will give you peace of mind, even when you are unable to be with them. Our younger children will imitate a lot of self defence techniques through play. They will build a foundation of skill and understanding whilst laughing and having fun.

• Focusing on Anti-bullying tactics

• Getting them fitter

• Build their confidence

• Defences against common attacks

• First aid training

• Anti-kidnap training scenarios

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The coaches Paul and Courtney could not be more attentive and have a natural manner in which they engage the children. If there is 1 life skill I would encourage parents to involve their young children
in, it would most definitely be this one.
A massive well done to the
Defiance team!! "
"Not only is this the perfect way to get my daughter being more active but for me it is a fantastic way for her to increase her confidence and enhance her self awareness. I feel so much better knowing that she will start secondary school with skills that not only enable her to look after herself but help her handle unwanted situations in a pragmatic manner.


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