We are so confident in our training we can guarantee;

• You will be fitter

• You will be more confident

• You will feel safer

• You will be happier

All we ask is that you commit to 3 months of our training, attending 2 classes a week. We will do our very best to teach you realistic Self Defence skills whilst making you fitter, more confident, more mobile and happier.
Whatever the reason you want to start training, we will work with you and help you achieve your training goals.

When you join Defiance we will ask you to complete our new member assessment and again after 3 months. If you haven't achieved better results or you feel that we haven't helped you reach your goals - We will refund your training fees. Simple.

Of course, you'll need to attend our classes... we can't teach you life-saving skills if you are at home on the sofa.


I applied for the three training sessions as part of an introductory offer to see if I would enjoy the training, but after the first session I signed up straight away. The instruction is on point, the commitment to the students is superb and the training is realistic and of a very high standard. I could not recommend Defiance Krav Maga enough.


As well as teaching great self-defence, the instructors bring a sense of fun and calmness to the classes. Novices and the more experienced are all in it together ...ego-free and have never felt awkward asking questions ...Glad I found this class...


I decided to try Krav Maga about 8 months ago - I had no prior experience in martial arts, The instructors put me at ease straight away. I was made to feel so welcome, there was no judgement and everyone who attends the classes just really nice people! 
The sessions are fantastic, the instructors break things down in a way that just makes it so easy to understand. They are incredibly patient and explain how the techniques apply to real life scenarios.

Feel Safer

Learn & have fun whilst doing fat torching workouts that will get you fit fast!

Get Confident

Forge your body and mind, develop strength you didn't know you had

Feel Safer

Learn realistic tried and tested techniques from military units from around the world.

Be Happier

Realise your own potential and achieve things you didn't think you could.

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